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Rep. Joe Schwarz (R) from Michigan's 7th district (Jackson/Battle Creek) has announced that he will be joining the Serbian Caucus after receiving a number of letters from Serbs in his District!
This increases the number of congressmen in the Serbian Caucus to 26, in addition to 1 senator.
Representative Schwarz becomes the first congressman from Michigan to join the caucus, in part due to efforts of our newly established Detroit Chapter of the Serbian Unity Congress and Serbs living in the 7th Congressional District (Saline, Jackson, Battle Creek).
To learn more about the Congressional Serbian Caucus, please visit the Serbian Unity Congress website at
To learn more about Representative Joe Schwarz, please visit his website at
The list of all members of Serbian Caucus is here. (Mr. Joe Schwarz to be added)

Please take the time to write to your congressman to suggest that he or she joins the Congressional Serbian Caucus.

It does make a difference!

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